Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stones and Bones Workshop

treat yourself to something fabulous

in this workshop you will be making a pendant, cuff links, or a brooch out of pewter with the option of incorporating natural stones, rhinestones and bones. you will first create your one design using stones and clay. we will then take that clay design and create a mold. finally we will cast your design into pewter. the pewter will be polished and the stones will be glued in place. the molding, casting and polishing process takes many days. we will be giving a demonstration so you can see firsthand how all these processes work. the piece will be ready for pickup within two weeks.

cost: 50 dollars

  • all stones and supplies are included.
  • ages 15 and up.
  • limited spaces
  • call 217.749.0709 or email casey@fisforfrank.com for reservations

Monday, February 9, 2009

valentines workshop... castings

castings are ready for pick up.  here are some pictures of the finished product.

Monday, February 2, 2009

future workshops

February 26- Stones and Bones Pendant,Brooch and cufflinks (incorporating natural stones, rhinestones, bones) 6:30- 8:30 pm (adults only) $50
March 15- Bracelet Workshop (incorporating leather strap, beading and pewter center pendant) 1 pm- 3 pm (adults only) $75
April 19- Mother's Day Gift: Prints of Love (fingerprint gifts)
1 pm - 3 pm open house (all ages) Pricing $35 and up (depending on the number of prints)
April 26- Sand Casting Pewter
1 pm- 4 pm (adults only) $65
June 7- Father's Day Gift
1 pm - 3 pm (all ages) $5o includes 2 finished pewter castings of 1 design... one for dad and one for grandpa

Valentine's Workshop... so fun

this past Sunday we held our first workshop. people made pendants, key chains, earrings and cuff links for themselves and their loved ones. Shannah gave a thorough demonstration on how the casting process works, from mold making to polishing. next, we reviewed the guidelines for making their design (1 design, 2 pewter castings and .5 ounces of clay), then our students got to work. everyone did a great job! it took some people a couple of tries to decide exactly what they wanted to make. that's the beauty of clay...you can squish it up and start again. everyone soon realized it was easy once they stopped thinking too hard and just started making and creating! the students truly had a great time and i was amazed with the innovation of their designs. be sure to check back in about a week for pictures of the finished products.