Friday, August 20, 2010

Walker's 1st Work Week

Walker has entered the world!!! Three weeks of family and now it's back to work. I know I don't have to go back this early, but I hate being cooped up in the house so I thought I would try it out. Monday I really had no expectations. I mean, 3 dogs and a baby sounds like a disaster. Much to my surprise, it has actually been great! When Walker is sleeping (which is a lot), I can be in the back working on casting or polishing. When he is awake, I am up front on my computer or packaging. He is at my fingertips at all times. For the most part, I work 11 to 3... just taking it day by day.

Here are some pictures of this week's activities.

Chilln' in my swing

Milo loves me...when I cry, he cries.

Helping Mom in the back. Just kidding!
This photo is totally staged!

Love My Shannah!
Striking a muscles are huge!

Inventory is such a bore.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

mark your calendars....Little Bean is One!

Our friends at Little Bean and Simply Lovely are hosting this super rad event.... we thought we would help spread the word. check it out!

Rikshaw Design is hosting a pop-up shop at Little Bean, in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Little Bean, on September 3! Rikshaw designer Catherine Fitzsimmons will be there selling her collection of chic, bohemian baby bedding and apparel, as well as her new women’s kurtas and adult bedding…all hand-blocked and made from super-soft Indian cotton voile. (The baby apparel is so amazing!)

Hosted by Little Bean and Simple Lovely, guests will also enjoy sweets, face painting, and lots of champagne!

What: Rikshaw Design Pop-Up Shop, celebrating Little Bean’s one-year anniversary, hosted by Little Bean and Simple Lovely

When: Friday, September 3, 6pm – 8pm

Where: Little Bean, 5308 Junius Street, Dallas 75214

Why: Stock up on bohemian treats for mom, baby, and home, and get a chance to meet designer Catherine Fitzsimmons!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

f. is for FD luxe!

FD luxe is taking a bite out of the summer heat with our Gold Tooth necklace!

A little help from my friends... but not from the AC

I have been very fortunate to have my old friend Aryn Dalton, amazing artist and musician, here helping me out while Casey is home with Walker. Unfortunately for both of us, it is hotter than blazes around these parts! Poor Aryn has been casting pewter for two days, which means he has to stand over the pewter pot that is 550 degrees. Above is a shot of our thermostat. It reads 94 and that is with the air on! I am thinking about closing shop for the month of August, but I am not sure that all the clients who are waiting on their projects would be happy about that! Think cool thoughts for a scorcher!