Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking for a Fall Intern

f. is for frank is looking for a Fall Intern.

  • 3-6 hours a week
  • preferably in College with knowledge in marketing and public relations
  • must be interested in arts and fashion
  • needs to be creative, hard working and able to think outside the box
  • activities include sending press kits/press releases, managing social media, filling orders and occasionally getting dirty in the workshop
  • oh, one last thing, must love dogs and babies
this internship is non-paid but the experience will be invaluable. if you are interested please send me your information, resume and why you are a perfect fit for f. is for frank to casey@fisforfrank.com

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Perfect Pairings: Just Campy

Incorporate a fun, camp-inspired shirt into a polished weekend outfit with the help of f. is for frank. Start with J. Crew's Perfect popover in herringbone plaid, which brings to mind thoughts of campfires and canoes. Adorn the top with f. is for frank's polished-yet-natural rose gold hickory cuff with white leather ($92). Then, play with the wilderness theme by adding the sophisticated, nature-inspired gold twig earrings ($95). This great look, through the addition of accessories, is just as well suited to a lunch out as it is the lake.

Perfect Pairings: The Swinging '40s

Add a modern touch to a 1940s-inspired dress with f. is for frank. Start with The Addison Story's Collecting Dots Dress, which looks like the type of dress iconic screen stars such as Rosalind Russell or Judy Garland might have loved. To bring the dress into the 21st century, pair it with f. is for frank's very current gold peacock medallion ($87). For a final touch that modernizes but does not undermine the '40s feel, add our gold peacock tail ring ($82). We think this combination creates a vintage-inspired, yet modern, demure look for day.

Hot Block, Cool Website

Friends of frank Joslyn Taylor, Sunny Logsdon, and Christine Visneau are featured in the August issue of FD Luxe, in the piece "Hot Block for Cool Kids." Spotlighting the very cool little bean shop, owned by Christine, as well as other great kids' places to be found on the 5300 block of Junius Street, the article also features each of the tinydallas.com bloggers. Make sure to check out both the little bean shop and our friends' website, tinydallas.com, a fashion-forward and absolutely fantastic blog read by the coolest moms in Dallas.

Check out Christine Visneau's little bean shop and Joslyn, Sunny, and Christine's awesome blog, tinydallas.com, both of which were featured in FD Luxe's August issue.

Clever Letters

We'd like to bring your attention to an article in FD Luxe, featuring our friend, Rob Wilson. Our booth was right next to Rob's at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, and we are so glad it was, as it afforded us an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with Rob and his awesome designs. You can read the article, which points out the extremity of both Rob's height and his level of talent, in the August edition of FD Luxe. Silas Tom, Rob's paper goods company, produces cards and cocktail napkins that are truly witty, innovative, and lovely to look at.

Check out his products so you'll be prepared next time you need to send splendid salutations or produce the perfect hostess gift. For the ideal pet-themed present, match up a Silas Tom card with an f. is for frank dog tag. We love the pairing shown here.
Present Silas Tom's Bully Dog card with f. is for frank's paws for peace dog tag for a clever, pet-themed present.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Lengths

We're pleased to share with you our latest custom piece--this outsized table, recently created by f. is for frank in collaboration with Jane Waggoner. Constructed from reclaimed wood and steel, this table plays with the juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal lines, as well as, of course, scale. The long, narrow silhouette of this table makes it quite unique, creating a charming, somewhat quirky aesthetic. The table is on wheels, which add both functionality and interest to the piece. We created this table as a custom piece for a client's house, and have grown rather fond of it--we hope our client, and you, feel similarly.

Festival Season

f. is for frank is thrilled to be a part of the upcoming Wassaic Project Summer Festival, taking place August 5-7th, in Wassaic, New York. A fantastic and truly innovative organization, the Wassaic Project promotes the arts, as well as a sense of community among artists, through initiatives such as their year-round artist residency and an annual summer festival. According to their website, "The Wassaic Project is an artist-run sustainable, multidisciplinary arts organization that focuses on community engagement and facilitates artists and participants to exhibit, discuss, and connect with art, each other, our unique site, and the surrounding area." This mission statement reflects an exciting organization whose goals are truly worthwhile, and we are very happy to be collaborating with them.

The Summer Festival will feature over 100 artists and 25 bands, as well as film screenings, dance performances, and more. Amazingly, this multidisciplinary celebration of art, music, and community is free. The festival is accessible by car and Metro North Train, and if you are going to be anywhere Wassaic, New York in August, this is an opportunity you can't miss.