Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clever Letters

We'd like to bring your attention to an article in FD Luxe, featuring our friend, Rob Wilson. Our booth was right next to Rob's at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, and we are so glad it was, as it afforded us an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with Rob and his awesome designs. You can read the article, which points out the extremity of both Rob's height and his level of talent, in the August edition of FD Luxe. Silas Tom, Rob's paper goods company, produces cards and cocktail napkins that are truly witty, innovative, and lovely to look at.

Check out his products so you'll be prepared next time you need to send splendid salutations or produce the perfect hostess gift. For the ideal pet-themed present, match up a Silas Tom card with an f. is for frank dog tag. We love the pairing shown here.
Present Silas Tom's Bully Dog card with f. is for frank's paws for peace dog tag for a clever, pet-themed present.

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