Friday, August 20, 2010

Walker's 1st Work Week

Walker has entered the world!!! Three weeks of family and now it's back to work. I know I don't have to go back this early, but I hate being cooped up in the house so I thought I would try it out. Monday I really had no expectations. I mean, 3 dogs and a baby sounds like a disaster. Much to my surprise, it has actually been great! When Walker is sleeping (which is a lot), I can be in the back working on casting or polishing. When he is awake, I am up front on my computer or packaging. He is at my fingertips at all times. For the most part, I work 11 to 3... just taking it day by day.

Here are some pictures of this week's activities.

Chilln' in my swing

Milo loves me...when I cry, he cries.

Helping Mom in the back. Just kidding!
This photo is totally staged!

Love My Shannah!
Striking a muscles are huge!

Inventory is such a bore.


Beth Dotolo @ Hello, Splendor said...

So stinking cute!! He's precious!

Kendall said...

He's adorable! Love the pics! Keep them coming :) And congratulations!