Monday, August 11, 2008


about a year and a half ago shannah and i decided to collaborate on a chair design. she had just created a firescreen for a client by cutting an image out of metal. i loved the concept. we decided to use an old design of mine that i made in a wood bending class at haystack craft school. we replaced the back of the chair with a piece of aluminum which we had water-jet cut into a wood grain pattern. the aluminum sides are made to hold the back in place, support the seat and the arms for the flip side. we have a passion for creating multi-functional designs whether it is art and function or two chairs in one. i love how the image on the metal back mimics the wooden seat. it was only fitting that we name the chair that swings both ways after a famous drag queen, frank-n-furter. as for the contest, we never sent it in. turns out shannah read the fine print the day it was due and if we had won, we would have had to sell the rights to the design.

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