Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Road Trip and Renegade: according to casey

We headed out early Friday morning......
Big Red packed to the max with a tarp on the back due to the weather report. Our friend, Malina, came with us and brought her two adorable dogs, Hank and Lefty. We really suck at our tarpping skills, because we had to stop a mere 5-6 times on the side of the highway to save the tarp from flying off the back. As soon as I said let's just forget the tarp, we started down the road & it poured. Luckily, everything dried and nothing was ruined.
Shannah and Malina introduced me to West, Texas which has the most delicious kolaches I have ever put in my mouth! We got to Austin early enough to hit up some funky shops like Spartan & Bows and Arrows, then we went out to eat with Shannah's step bro and his girlfriend, Tobie (aka Toastie). After a peaceful rest at Malina's aunt's house, we headed to Renegade early Saturday morning.

The Renegade show had amazing vendors from all over the country and great traffic. Perks... shopping for myself, schmoozing with fellow indie crafters, a marching band and the wizard. The show ended at 7 on Sunday, so we packed up and then hit up Amie's Ice Cream on the way out of town. By the time I got home, it was 1 am and my 7 month pregnant self was spent. All in all, fun times in Austin......check out our pics!

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