Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby handprints...

Since Walker is not the ideal age for the Prints of Love, I tried casting his handprint to see how it would turn out. It turned out so CUTE! It is going to make great ornaments and paperweights. I love that I will have his tiny handprint captured in time.

If you are interested in having your baby's handprint cast... give us a call (214.7749.0709) or email ( to set up an appointment for the impression. It only takes about 10 minutes and about 2-3 weeks for us to cast. Due to the size limitations we recommend the babies be younger than 5 months. The price of the baby handprint is $65.00 for the first casting and $35.oo for any additionals.

1 comment:

TamStyles said...

totally bad my kids are to big for these..and hate i missed out on a swag bag at the social.