Tuesday, March 22, 2011

why i love rose gold...

Usually we offer our jewelry in pewter or 24 karat gold plated. This year in our new line, we are not only offering those options, but we have added a rose gold option as well!

It's my new fav and here's why....

1. it's unique. silver and gold tone jewelry are a dime a dozen, but rose gold is harder to find.

2. i love it paired with other metals especially silver. i mix rose gold and silver all the time!

3. even hotter.....rose gold paired with white leather. (we have a few pieces in our new line with this combination)

4. it compliments almost any skin tone.

5. it's diverse. not too dressy, not too casual

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Anonymous said...

Casey, I lost my engagement ring. Broke my heart and I waited a year to replace it, hoping it would turn up. Finally, last Saturday, Paul and I found the perfect new ring. And it's rose gold. I love it. I'll be checking out your new line!
Marci Larson Wagler