Friday, April 22, 2011

the perfect mother's day gift.

My husband has been struggling to decide what to get me for my first mother's day. I told him no pressure, I just want something personal, thoughtful and meaningful... like prints of love. He said thats not fair because Walker already has a print and that is my territory. So for all the husbands out there stressing....

Prints of Love is the perfect mother's day gift. Tiny fingerprints captured in time. Call (214.749.0709) or email ( to make an appointment for an impression. This part only takes about 10 minutes but must be done by April 29th to receive your necklace or key chain by Mother's day. For best results the recommended age for the prints is 2 years of age.

For the Baby's we can do handprint paper weights. (recommended younger than 9 months)

For keychain or necklace....
$45 first child's fingerprint
$35 for additional child's print
* includes name, initials, DOB or anything up to 7 letters on the back

For cufflinks set...
$60 fingerprint cufflink set (same print on each cuff)
$85 fingerprint cufflink set (2 different prints)
*all cufflink prints include name. initials or DOB

Want more prints for extended family?
$23 for additional keychain or necklace
$50 for additional cufflink set

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