Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gone Fishing

Attention, fashionable men: if you're looking to add interest to your outfit, but aren't feeling a belt buckle today, there is another option from f. is for frank that we think you'll love. Throwing on a fishing weight charm will add dimension to your outfit, and you'll be ready to go wherever the day takes you. Slip a pewter triangle weight ($26), pewter kiss weight ($16), pewter tear weight ($16), or pewter pin weight ($26) onto the chain of your choice (we like the 16-inch gold filled small cable chain ($32) with the pewter pieces), and you're all set. Each fishing weight charm also comes plated in two other metal options, if you prefer, and there's no actual fishing required--these charms make just as fashionable an addition to work or weekend attire, as well.

This picture of the pewter triangle weight is brought to you courtesy of our friend, the awesome photographer Steve Visneau. Check out his website here.

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