Monday, May 14, 2012


Diorama-0-rama was a complete success raising $7500 for Cafe Momentum. The picture on the bottom right is the badass bags the first 50 people received. The picture on the bottom left is the team that made the whole event possible. 

Shannah and I were slammed with work last week but managed to throw together some pretty awesome dioramas.  The gold pig entitled "Get in my Belly"  was done by me (casey).  It made my weekend when I found out it went for $150 (not bragging but kind of am).   Shannah's diorama entitled "Holly-GO-lightly" also brought in some major bucks.  I decided to do a second diorama at the last minute called "what the hell is this".  The nuggets in a jar were inspired by an image on pintrest but not knowing what to think of it, I felt like the title was fitting.  It was not as popular as the other dioramas but sold non of the less.  I have to say this is one of my favorite events and so glad its back.  I got out bided at the last second on some really great dioramas.  Luckily my sister won two and gave me one so I did not leave empty handed.  This event is a chance to think outside the box (or inside a box), get creative and pick up some extremely affordable art.  Can't wait for next year. 

To see more dioramas and a different perspective check out this blog.

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