Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rest in Peace, my sweet milo

This last week was crazy!  We were busy, busy getting ready for our new collection party.  In the midst of making new displays, photographing and putting all the final touches on the collection our dear Milo, passed away.  Milo was Shannah's dog but I have known him since he entered Shannah's life 7 years ago.  She got him from Nor Cal Boxer Rescue at the age of 2 soon after I started working for her at Studio 3-0.  She brought Milo to work everyday so for 7 years I got the joy of spending my days with him.  He was the sweetest, most laid back boy.  He is the reason I love boxers and I have Millie.  Unfortunately age got the best of him.  The average age is eight years old for a boxer and Milo lived a full life of nine years old.  We will miss him everyday but we know he is bringing others joy in heaven.  Rest in Peace, my sweet Milo.

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patti haskins said...

I am so sorry to hear this, I know all too well that pain. Condolences to you both.