Monday, June 27, 2011

Oil and Cotton

f. is for frank wants to let the blogosphere know about a great organization promoting the arts, Oil and Cotton.

Oil and Cotton, owned by our friends Kayli House Cusick and Shannon Driscoll, combines multidisciplinary art practices with a sense of history. The organization teaches hands-on classes and provides a creative space for education, performance, and exhibition. Oil and Cotton strives to facilitate the exchange between the public and the art community.

The name of the organization is inspired by natural resources found here in Dallas, Texas. Kayli and Shannon believe that art, like oil and cotton, is a natural resource which is essential to surviving and living a full life. Thus, Oil and Cotton emphasizes resourcefulness and "making do with what you got" in order to create art in the old fashioned way--one which is realistic and sustainable.

Check out a great article about Oil and Cotton and Kayli (in which she makes mention of f. is for frank!) here, and be sure to visit Oil and Cotton's website to learn more about this awesome organization, and to get info about their great classes!
Oil and Cotton provides summer art classes for kids from age 7 to teens

The organization offers awesome classes for adults, too

Oil and Cotton also provides a creative space for music

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