Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perfect Pairings: Embellish a Weekend Outfit with Mixed-and-Matched Pieces

Add a few simple embellishments to a relaxed outfit with some mixed-and-matched pieces by f. is for frank. Cozy lounge attire like J. Crew's Cashmere striped short, paired with a crisp white popover and perhaps a light jacket, is great for running errands or just chilling during the weekend. After laying the comfy sartorial groundwork, add some interest and individuality with casual-yet-unique jewelry pieces. The rose gold hickory studs ($65) add sparkle to your ears while the rose gold hickory bangle ($85) does the same for your wrist. Pair these with the pewter pin weight ($26), which looks lovely on the 16-inch rose gold-plated small cable chain ($32). This delightful combo makes for a weekend outfit that is both comfortable and very chic!

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jacquelyn | lark + linen said...

omg the jewelry is to die for. I would like all of it, please and thank you