Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Store Scoop: Custard Boutique

Savannah, Georgia 

How would you describe your store and the things you sell?

A lot of the store is eco friendly, and made in the USA.  The store is fashion forward, unique and fun.  There's something for every age, body type and budget.
What is the most interesting/ greatest thing about your store?

The unique accessories are for sure my favorite thing about the store.  I have jewelry from across the globe and there are many pieces that you can't find anywhere else.  Also, the level of service you receive in Custard are not matched by many.  
What is the best secret spot/locals only spot in your neighborhood?

My store is for sure a local place.  There are way more locals that shop in Custard than tourist, however, we still love all customers.  If you're a local, you know all the fun places to drink, like the Crystal Beer Parlor.  A local place for sure, kind of like Cheers!  Also, you know the secret to Mrs. Wilkes, the best chicken in town... I can't share it, cause it's locals only!
Why do you think f. is for frank is such a great fit for your store?

The look of the jewelry is so special and unique.  Something about that fantastic rabbit just sets of the jewelry display case.  Also, it's made in the USA, and we LOVE that.  
If you could open another store anywhere in the world where would it be?

Chicago, Il, and of course, Paris, France
Is there anything else you want us or your readers to know?

Facebook is a great way to check up on all things going on in Custard, if we get new stock we try and post in on Facebook the same day... It's a great way to stalk the store, and of course, we ship ANYWHERE... Hit us up! custardboutique.com

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