Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Store Scoop: Fini


How would you describe your store and the things you sell?

Fini is a small, all accessories store that specializes in unusual items not seen everywhere else. We carry all accessories... Hats, sunglasses, readers, scarves, jewelry, handbags, gloves, socks and gift items, all in 400 square feet!
What is the most interesting/ greatest thing about your store?

We like to think the mix of merchandise is our strongest suit... and our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients! We happily gift wrap after helping people find the perfect gift! Oh, and of course there is Sam, our very popular store Dachshund!
What is the best secret spot/locals only spot in your neighborhood?

We are just off of the Public Market in downtown Seattle so there are a wealth of great spots, the problem is keeping them secret! One of our very favorites is happy hour at Maxmillian's in the Market. The mussels, the wine, the frites, all at half price,and a million dollar view.
Why do you think f. is for frank is such a great fit for your store?

It captures the perfect balance of slightly quirky, beautiful design that people will fall in love with! That's what we did when we saw it.

If you could open another store anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York... somewhere in the Chelsea neighborhood.

Is there anything else you want us or your readers to know?

The Seattle = Rain thing is a myth. Just kidding, it rains like hell!

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