Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perfect Pairings: Embellish a Weekend Outfit with Mixed-and-Matched Pieces

Add a few simple embellishments to a relaxed outfit with some mixed-and-matched pieces by f. is for frank. Cozy lounge attire like J. Crew's Cashmere striped short, paired with a crisp white popover and perhaps a light jacket, is great for running errands or just chilling during the weekend. After laying the comfy sartorial groundwork, add some interest and individuality with casual-yet-unique jewelry pieces. The rose gold hickory studs ($65) add sparkle to your ears while the rose gold hickory bangle ($85) does the same for your wrist. Pair these with the pewter pin weight ($26), which looks lovely on the 16-inch rose gold-plated small cable chain ($32). This delightful combo makes for a weekend outfit that is both comfortable and very chic!

(Peacock) Feathers in Your Cap

Place a feather (or several) in your cap with f. is for frank's Peacock Collection. Let the gold peacock luck necklace ($75) serve as the centerpiece--the gold peacock ring ($82) and gold peacock earrings ($65) make the ideal additional adornments. Steal the spotlight from our colorful, feathered friends with these eye-catching pieces.

Very Pinteresting

If you haven't already heard of Pinterest, this is your lucky day. A great website that lets you view all manner of awesome pictures, products, objects, and ideas, Pinterest allows you to "pin" and "repin" things you love, and see what's of interest to your friends and favorite designers, as well. Check out f. is for frank's Pinterest page here, and follow us to ensure that you stay updated on our favorite things--we think you'll like them, too. Visit Pinterest's home page to request an invite to Pinterest, so you can sign up for an account and start pinning the things you like! And remember, after signing up, make sure to follow f. is for frank!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perfect Pairings: Add a Bit of Edge to a Sweet Dress

When it comes to creating a day look that is both lovely and interesting, opposites attract. Toughen up a sweet, floral dress such as the Verdant Slip Dress by Moulinette Soeurs ($138), with f. is for frank's gold spearhead necklace ($136). The great ethnic vibe of this edgy necklace provides a cool contrast with the sweetness of the dress' floral pattern. This pairing is a great example of how the cute and the cool can coexist to create a splendid effect.

Dinos seeking Furniture to Adorn

These adorable dino knobs are being packed up and shipped off to find their new home! Don't forget that f. is for frank makes all sorts of great knobs--they're the perfect items to add interest to any piece of furniture. Check out all of the knobs here; we have designs that will look awesome on furniture anywhere, from the kid's room to the living room!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oil and Cotton

f. is for frank wants to let the blogosphere know about a great organization promoting the arts, Oil and Cotton.

Oil and Cotton, owned by our friends Kayli House Cusick and Shannon Driscoll, combines multidisciplinary art practices with a sense of history. The organization teaches hands-on classes and provides a creative space for education, performance, and exhibition. Oil and Cotton strives to facilitate the exchange between the public and the art community.

The name of the organization is inspired by natural resources found here in Dallas, Texas. Kayli and Shannon believe that art, like oil and cotton, is a natural resource which is essential to surviving and living a full life. Thus, Oil and Cotton emphasizes resourcefulness and "making do with what you got" in order to create art in the old fashioned way--one which is realistic and sustainable.

Check out a great article about Oil and Cotton and Kayli (in which she makes mention of f. is for frank!) here, and be sure to visit Oil and Cotton's website to learn more about this awesome organization, and to get info about their great classes!
Oil and Cotton provides summer art classes for kids from age 7 to teens

The organization offers awesome classes for adults, too

Oil and Cotton also provides a creative space for music

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Perfect Pairings: Add a Personal Touch to Work Attire

Finding work attire that makes a statement and expresses your individuality can be a daunting task. Luckily, f. is for frank is here to make it easier! Blazers are almost universally work-appropriate, and can be very stylish if you find the right one. We really like J. Crew's Schoolboy Blazer in Navy ($188), shown here. The entire outfit is quite cute, though depending on how creative or conservative your work environment is, you may want to swap out the jeans for a more traditional work trouser. After you've found a great blazer and styled it according to your personal aesthetic, add a unique touch with some interesting jewelry, such as f. is for frank's peacock bangles. These bangles are both pretty and fun, while still being subtle enough to wear to work. Choose the pewter peacock bangle ($55), gold peacock bangle ($85), or rose gold peacock bangle ($85), or, even better, wear the three together for a lovely and bold statement. If your heart desires, add funky earrings like our gold stingray tear-shaped earrings ($95), for an additional personal touch. With interesting clothing pieces and jewelry from f. is for frank, work attire is far from dull!

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Forget rose-colored glasses--see the world while wearing rose-colored jewelry, instead. Adorn your finger and ears with the rose gold woven band ($62) and rose gold woven ear studs ($65), respectively. They go wonderfully with the rose gold heart inverse ($38) and rose gold triangle weight ($38). Finally, the gold pin weight ($38) makes a worthy companion for all that rose gold. Stop and smell the roses in style with these lovely pieces.

rose gold heart inverse shown with 16 inch gold filled small cable chain – $32

rose gold triangle weight shown with 20 inch silver bead ball chain – $26

gold pin weight shown with 24 inch rose gold plated small cable chain – $48

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Say Hello to Splendor

Today, we'd like to spotlight a great blog run by our friend, the designer Beth Dotolo. She authors the blog, hello, splendor, which showcases necessary and lovely accoutrements for modern life, not to mention some amazing photography.

She also has her own fantastic design firm, Pulp Design Studios. f. is for frank has collaborated with Pulp Design Studios in the past, for example when we created the drawer pulls for the chest of drawers in the powder room seen here. Beth is a great resource, and we love working with her. Be sure to check out her awesome blog, as well as her design firm!

Be sure to check out for all sorts of inspiration!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

me + you = a lovely combination

It's wedding season and love is in the air. Whether you know someone who's tying the knot or simply want to declare your love for your other half to the world, f. is for frank's me + you necklace might be of interest. This personalized necklace features the name of the couple on the front, with the option to add a message or an anniversary date on the back. It's a lovely token of affection for whomever you care about, and would make a wonderfully memorable wedding gift, as well.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

f. is for fathers

Father's Day is fast approaching! Luckily, f. is for frank is here to help you avoid giving dear old dad another tie. Here are some great gift alternatives that will let dad know that you care on June 19!

pewter left/right cufflinks – $55
handprints of love – $85 for first casting*

*Please note, if you want to give dad the prints of love cufflinks or a handprint of love, the deadline to order is tomorrow, June 10!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dallas Observes Shannah at Work

The Dallas Observer published a great piece on May 26, profiling Shannah and highlighting some of the work done here at f. is for frank. Take a look at some of the great pictures from the article below to get a sneak peek inside the studio. Then, read the entire article here to learn a few fun facts about Shannah and f. is for frank!

All photos by Sara Kerens.
Photos originally published in The Dallas Observer.