Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a fresh steele loves on Pearl

Are you a dog lover?  Then you have to check out our friend, Kady's blog, a fresh steele.  She features cool pets, collars and more.  She also makes the most amazing dog collars in which both my dogs sport.  Check out her etsy shop dixie goods company.

Today in her meet and sniff section she highlighted my dog, Pearl.  About 3 years ago I found Pearl on the streets, skinny, scared and sick.  The plan was nurse her back to health and find her a good home.  She found a good home alright (mine).  She is a little skittish and an annoyingly crazy licker but a real lover.  She tends to drive everyone a little crazy except for her best friend, Walker (my 2 year old).  She is his mini horse, jungle gym and biggest protector.  Cheers to Pearl, she deserves some love today.            

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