Monday, January 30, 2012

Store Scoop: Heavenly Metal

Ann Arbor, MI

How would you describe your store and the things you sell?

I refer to my store a gallery/gift shop…boutique. Most of the items are handcrafted. Everything I bring in goes well with everything else in the store. It's really special because I look for unique items and especially bring in items not available elsewhere in Ann Arbor.

What is the most interesting/ greatest thing about your store?

It has a very cozy, welcoming, friendly feel the second you walk in. My customers never want to leave because we make it inviting. It takes a long leisurely look to see everything I sell…and to enjoy my merchandising. I use all reclaimed furniture and and boxes for displaying inventory. Every display area is a special "moment".

What is the best secret spot/locals only spot in your neighborhood?

My store! I'm off the beaten path, so you have to be in the know to find Heavenly Metal! My business is in a sweet little business district known as Kerrytown. There is an actual building called the Kerrytown Shops, but we are a block away from those shops. Except for one business, we are all small, locally-owned retailers. My store is around the corner from those stores, and the only retail on my street.

Why do you think f. is for frank is such a great fit for your store?

I sell alot of handcrafted jewelry and charms. I like to help people build their own necklace story by offering lots of charm varieties and prices. I love f. is for frank charms for their absolute uniqueness!

If you could open another store anywhere in the world where would it be?

In a warm tourist town on a big lake, where I could live behind my store, and have a garden for my customers to enjoy.

Is there anything else you want us or your readers to know?

I just made a huge business investment by hiring two incredibly talented local web designers to completely redo and build into it an ecommerce site — and design a matching template for my Facebook page and email newsletters. What they came up with really and truly represents my brick and mortar store…and me…and I hope it was the smartest decision I could make. So, check it out…and let me know what you think!

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Marci Wagler said...

Dear Casey / f is for frank:
I wish I lived in Ann Arbor, but I am about an hour away. Occasionally my husband and I drive over there for shopping. I'm SOOO glad to hear about "Heavenly Metal"!!! I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!
Marci Larson-Wagler