Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend SUM UP: happy MLK day

I know I have been a blog slacker since the holidays but we are back and busy so...

Happy MLK day! (actually his real birthday is my birthday Jan. 15th). Martin Luther King JR. is who I did every book report on as a kid because we have a lot in common...we both are from Atlanta, have the same birthday and believe in equality for all. YAY!

So not only was it my birthday weekend but it was my transition from the 20's to the 30's. Yes I turned the big 3-0. Saturday night I went on a dinner and movie date night to celebrate my 20's. Sunday, I had an amazing get together with my closest friends at one of my favorite resturants. It was perfect! I am so lucky to have my life and this is exactly where I wanted to be turning 30. Don't get me wrong there are still things on my bucket list... a hot air balloon ride, some mechanical bull riding and a visit to Africa but there is so much time to accomplish those.

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