Monday, January 23, 2012

Store Scoop: The Modern Shop

Fort Worth, Texas

How would you describe your store and the things you sell?

We are a contemporary arts museum shop and so try to feature items that would appeal to a broad range of customers while at the same time offering unusual “never seen before” items. The same expectation could be said of what is seen in the galleries here at the Modern.

What is the most interesting/ greatest thing about your store?

We try to offer a very hands on experience. We have display toys, so that you can try them out before purchasing. Our displays are open and inviting. We encourage our visitors to try on jewelry and have mirrors ready so you can see how good you look in an item. We try to have a fun environment.

What is the best secret spot/locals only spot in your neighborhood?

Fred’s Texas CafĂ© is one of the oldest local spots in the cultural district and is a great place if you are craving a burger and live music. But the most secret neighborhood place has to be Pop’s Safari. It is a cigar bar and bistro with a tiny dining room, tucked in beside warehouses here in the Cultural District. I don’t smoke, but had a really great burger there too. Can you tell I like burgers!

Why do you think f. is for frank is such a great fit for your store?

The cleverness of the process appeals to people. When they are told what material was used for the casting, they are always amazed! The jewelry has a really good feel, substantial but not too weighty. Plus it is just gorgeous! The rose gold pieces are very unusual and look great with lots of different skin tones.

If you could open another store anywhere in the world where would it be?

I think the elements we are trying to promote would be welcome anywhere. Pairing great customer service with a fun environment and great merchandise is always going to be a formula for success. But if given a choice to go anywhere it would have to be near a beach!

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